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To show inspiring photography, powered by natural subjective creativity, from people world wide is a goal.
To be one of the lucky photographers that makes a living from doing what I love and to constantly evolve is a dream.

Aphoto websites (Aphoto.website, Aphoto.eu, Aphoto.me, Aphoto.shop & Aphoto.Club) are platforms for coming projects and photo communities. Feel free to inspire me in any way.

This group is for photographers like you. Photographers who would like to be apart of something. Photographers that can build and create. Photographers that are willing to share something and maybe get something back.

A photo is clarity of vision

It is the eye, penetrating to the very core of what is,to the very core of being.

Becoming the seeing eye. Aphoto is a vision.

It is what lies under the perception.

It shows the essence of things.

The camera is an instrument to preserve a vision and to enhance the eye’s sensibility.

Aphoto is a true moment in this theatre of life.

It is seeing what is.

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Ekensbergsvägen 51
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